Investment CriteriA

Securing market opportunities and success factors for the future
The feasibility of the concept is already proved while realising a business idea. The company’s growth opportunities are based on clearly defined distinguishing characteristics and customer value as well as the management team’s objective assessment of the competitive situation. The substantial aspects of the company are compiled in a conclusive and yield-oriented business concept (business plan).

Strategy and long-term success ensured by management skills
For a successful partnership, we expect excellent management skills as well as extensive market, sector, technology and product know-how. Of course, the interest in intensive and continuous dialogue with Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn is a prerequisite for jointly achieving the objective.

Knowing and developing the market and its actors
Through an existing and promising competitive edge, the market leadership, which has to be achievable in the short run, needs to be pursued in a defined and attractive market segment.

Benefit from the technology and growth region of Heilbronn-Franken
In order to develop long-term expertise in the region, the company’s registered office as well as its primary business operations should be located in the technology and growth location of Heilbronn in the short and medium term.


Prerequisites for a capital investment by Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn:

  • A technological innovation constitutes the core of your business
  • Obvious customer value
  • Excellent management skills
  • Clearly defined growth markets and distinguishing characteristics
  • Commitment to the location of Heilbronn
  • Complete business plan

You can download the
»Business Plan here.

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