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Industry sector: Biopharmaceuticals
Focus: Production and services for the pharmaceutical industry in the field of highly complex recombinant proteins.

  • Technology leader in plant-based biopharmaceutical glycoproteins
  • High-performing management team
  • Unique position through patents, product quality, cost advantages
  • Strong growth potential in the fast-growing biologics industry

The core competency of greenovation Biotech GmbH, founded in 1999, is the enhancement and production of special, highly effective pharmaceutical proteins (referred to as glycoproteins) in closed photobioreactors.

BryoTechnology™ developed by greenovation is a safe and affordable platform for the production of therapeutic biopharmaceuticals with special properties and improved efficacy, including antibodies against cancer cells.

BryoTechnology™ (bryophytes = mosses) involves cultivating the moss Physcomitrella patens in enclosures called photobioreactors. The moss is genetically modified in such a way that the desired therapeutic protein is exactly replicated in the moss cells according to a specific blueprint. Additional genetic modification of the moss cells causes the proteins to undergo a refinement process that increases their efficacy – this is referred to as glycoengineering.
Using selective deactivation or overexpression of certain glycosyltransferases in the moss cell’s genome, the sugar structure of glycoproteines is tailored to the customer’s needs.

This makes it possible to optimise proteins in terms of their performance, retention time and effectiveness in the body.

Greenovation is a service provider and supplier for the pharmaceuticals and biotech industry. The company is already turning a profit by producing and optimising therapeutic proteins that are used for pre-clinical trials and will soon also enter clinical trials.

greenovation Biotech GmbH
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Industry sector: Biotechnology and Pharmacy
Focus: MEDIMETRICS develops, produces and distributes products and services for patient-specific drug release and patient monitoring. Its customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnology enterprises.

Thanks to the IntelliCap technology developed by MEDIMETRICS, these enterprises are able to introduce new orally administered drugs to the market 3-6 months earlier, significantly reduce the risk during pharmaceutical development stages and develop novel, patient-specific therapeutic options for the treatment of intestinal carcinoma and Crohn’s disease. 

IntelliCap is an intelligent disposable capsule, which migrates through the gastrointestinal tract and releases the appropriate amount of drug at the destination in the optimum manner. After application, the capsule is discharged again. As the first system worldwide, IntelliCap combines patient diagnostics with electronically controlled drug release, thus enabling direct and interactive communication with the patient in real time.

The enterprise, which is run jointly with Royal Philips Electronics N.V., has branches in Heilbronn (Germany), Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Briarcliff Manor (New York).

Medimetrics GmbH
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Industry sector: Protein Analysis
Focus: Protein Analytical Services for Biologics and Biosimilars


Protagen Protein Services is specialized in protein analytics and release testing for protein therapeutics (GMP certificate). Protagen Protein Services is in business since 1997 and serves an international client base.


Protein Analytics


·         Characterization and comparability studies for Biotherapeutics

·         Biosimilar development and approval

·         Impurity characterization

·         Release testing under GMP

·         Protein analytics/Proteomics in other areas of Life Science




·         Complete characterization according to ICH Q6B

Structural characterization

Physicochemical characterization

Process and product specific impurities

·         Comparability exercises

·         Stability studies

·         Release testing (GMP)


Biosimilar Development


·         Originator sourcing, sequencing and monitoring

·         Experience in quality target definition based on more than 20 in-house characterized originators

·         Method development and qualification for biosimilar comparability analysis

·         Accompanying analysis focused on biosimilarity for clone selection, culture media optimization, process development and optimization

·         Comparability studies versus originator Initial studies, studies for scientific advice or for regulatory approval


·         Stability studies and release analytics




·         Method development

·         Method transfer

·         Method qualification and validation (GMP)


Analytical Assays (extract)


Mass spectrometry, Exact Mass Determination, LC-ESI-MS, MALDI-MS, MS/MS, Peptide Mapping (MS + UV), detailed quantitative PTM- and further modification analyses, N-/C-terminal Sequencing, Amino Acid Exchange, Disulfide Linkage, Glycoanalytics, Monosaccharide and Sialic Acid Determination, Glycan Profiling with MALDI-MS/ ESI-MS/ HPAEC-PAD and HILIC; Site Specific Glycan Profiling, N-Glycoanalytics, O-Glycoanalytics, Linkage Analysis, Amino Acid Analytics, Intact Mass, Edman Sequencing,  CD, FTIR, DSC, Fluorescence, RP-HPLC, IEX, 1D-SDS PAGE, 2D-PAGE,  Western Blotting, cSDS, cIEF, Molar Extinction Coeffizient, SEC-UV, SEC-MALLS, AUC, Biacore, Binding Assays, Bioassay


Protagen Protein Service GmbH
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