Energy and Environment

Times of change and new philosophies for generating energy give rise to new ideas, new solutions and new companies. The energy industry is facing greater responsibilities and challenges than most other sectors. Novel technologies, ideas and developments are required worldwide, offering potential for innovative businesses. 

Industry sector: Cleantech
Focus: Compositence offers innovative technology combining the fully automatic, scalable and low-cost mass production of composite components with maximum flexibility in the fibre architecture.

The combination of outstanding material properties and low weight renders composite materials very attractive. However, high raw materials costs, large amounts of cutting-waste and costly production processes involving a great deal of manual work, long cycle times and a lack of automated processes are all obstacles to the use of composite materials in large-scale series production.


Compositence invented a fully automatic process laying dry endless fibre tapes in a low-waste process with flexibility of laying alignment, The Compositence Technology lays a three-dimensional component direct from the fibre in just one process step, drastically reduces production costs and monitors quality online.
Fibres are used only where required and fibres are laid exactly in the orientation required for high component performance.


Compositence offers production systems as well as the manufacturing of composite components. Both involve the implementation of additional services. The expertise required for component design and the IP rights are the sole property of Compositence.


Compositence target sectors are: automotive, wind power, sports and leisure goods industries, along with aviation and its supply industry.

Compositence GmbH 
Mollenbachstr. 25
D-71229 Leonberg
Telefon: +49 7152 56901-0
Telefax: +49 7152 56901-21

Industry sector: Green Chemistry / Cleantech
Focus: Production and distribution of ionic liquids and nanomaterials for use in sustainable technologies. IOLITEC GmbH, founded in 2003, is a dynamic, innovative and goal-oriented company, whose core technology is an innovative class of materials called ionic liquids, often also referred to as “designer solvents”.

IOLITEC currently offers more than 250 special chemicals and about 80 nanotechnology products with a wide variety of applications, ranging from green, low-emission solvents for use in processing and biotechnology to heat and cold storage materials and high-performance electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries, supercaps and fuel cells. IOLITEC also offers custom synthesis and development services to enable new applications in close cooperation with customers. The company has now more than 550 customers worldwide from such diverse sectors as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotech, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automotive.

With superior production techniques like microreactor technology (MRT) and stringent quality management, IOLITEC has established itself as an international technology leader in this nascent industry. To maintain this competitive edge, IOLITEC also participates in carefully selected joint R&D projects to continuously expand this technology’s specific areas of application.

To protect its ideas and products, IOLITEC already has seven patents pending in various fields and has registered the five brand names IoLiSens, IoLiLyt, IoLiTherm, IoLiTive and IoLiDispers. For more information, please go to www.iolitec.de.

IOLITEC Ionic Liquids Technologies GmbH
Weipertstraße 8-10
74076 Heilbronn

Tel: +49 7131 89839-0
Fax: +49 7131 89839-109


Industry sector: Gas Sensor Technology
Focus: smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH is an innovative, dynamic company specialising in the production of high-quality gas sensors based on infrared absorption technology (NDIR).

smartGAS develops, produces and distributes IR gas sensors and customised systems, ranging from standard solutions to made-to-order products. Its two managing directors, Christian Stein and Volker Huelsekopf, founded smartGAS after extensive research at the Institute for Microsensor Technology of the Dortmund Uiversity of Applied Sciences. In mid-2007, the company relocated its headquarters to Heilbronn, where Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn (ZFHN) joined the business as an investor and partner. The gas sensors developed by smartGAS make it possible to selectively detect gases and accurately determine their concentration. Based on more than 25 years of experience in IR gas sensor technology, the research and development at smartGAS has substantially reduced the size of sensors while continuously expanding the range of detectable gases.The sensors are available as OEM modules and are used in safety technology, refrigeration and air conditioning, high-voltage applications, analysis devices, process control and metrology.

smartGAS GmbH
Kreuzenstraße 98
74076 Heilbronn

Tel: +49 7131 797553-0
Fax: +49 7131 797553-10