Medical Technology

Germany is the world’s third largest producer of medical technology. A substantial part of the technical progress in medicine is shaped by scientific developments originating from Germany. This has spawned an industry which creates high-quality medical devices through extensive research and development.

Industry sector: Medical Technology
Focus: Schwarzer Cardiotek GmbH mainly develops, produces and distributes hemodynamic and electrophysiological measurement systems, as well as todays indispensable data management solutions for the interventional cardiology field. The final integration of the traditional company Schwarzer GmbH and Cardiotek B.V. to Schwarzer Cardiotek took place in mid of 2014 and is now visible through a new common corporate design in the market.

Historically, the two companies have developed in their respective traditional area: This includes that Schwarzer Cardiotek GmbH still develops, produces and sells essentially measuring systems for functional diagnostics of left/right-heart catheterisation. 



With more than 1,000 systems installed worldwide and a successful market presence of more than 60 years, Schwarzer Cardiotek is synonymous with a solid partnership in the field of cardiology. The present Schwarzer Cardiotek systems are the result of continuous cooperation with cardiologists: Challenging requirements and brilliant developments yield product and software solutions with maximum benefit. The evo measuring stations by Schwarzer Cardiotek GmbH allow for ergonomic and user-friendly application. The integrable and simultaneously independent devices provide a customised solution for every catheter laboratory. 



With more than 20 years of experience in electrophysiology, CardioTek B.V. developed the market-leading entry-level device EP-System ("epTracer").

As the world’s smallest portable EP lab featuring an integrated stimulator, this device impresses with maximum signal quality, simplicity and ease of use as well as great reliability. Moreover, further software upgrades enable additional positioning. 

In the early 1980s, the development of electrophysiological systems was started in close cooperation with Maastricht University. In 1987, CardioTek presented the first computer-controlled electrophysiological measurement system (EMS). Further technological advances during the 1980s and ‘90s led to four follow-up versions of the EMS, culminating in today’s epTracer. Drawing from this experience and expertise, the global company has established a technological lead over its competitors. Today, Schwarzer CardioTek’s installed base counts more than 800 EP systems worldwide. The EP-systems are renowned for their outstanding signal quality, independence from any specific PC configuration, compact design and reliability. Assuring compliance with highest quality standards (DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 certification) is a top priority. 

Schwarzer CardioTek takes great pride in having a loyal customer base of cardiologists worldwide. Years of sharing ideas and experiences have enabled further growth and the development of cutting-edge technology.

The goal of this successful, long-standing enterprise is to secure and increase the existing market shares of cardiological measuring stations and fully exhaust the company’s international growth potential. 


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Industry sector: Medical Technology
Focus: seleon develops and produces easy-to-use medical devices that are suited to daily use. In doing so, it takes over either a part of or the entire product development process – from the conceptual design to series production.


Consolidating all steps of a project under one roof provides clear benefits for customers: Costs are reduced and customers save time – the most valuable asset in a world of ever shorter product lifecycles.
seleon’s core competency is the development of technological innovations and it exhibits special know-how in a multitude of clinical disciplines. seleon possesses exceptionally high competencies in the fields of gas conditioning (fans, moisture, flow, temperature, mixing, etc.), medical image processing, data analysis, laser and piezo technologies as well as chemical analyses. The innovation network consists of renowned clinical and scientific research institutes in Europe and the U.S.
Research innovations are turned into patentable, market-ready products. The consistent patent strategy, also on behalf of customers, secures customers and seleon a long-term competitive edge in the market.

Since its establishment, seleon has applied for 70 patents, among them 25 international patents; 9 thereof have already been granted.

The necessary licences before selling a product constitute an essential part of the development process. seleon exhibits extensive experience in product licensing also in other European markets and the U.S.
The certifications according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 confirm seleon’s high quality standard.

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