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Medimetrics - Kooperation mit LiGalli, Dr. Willem de Laat

THE HAGUE und EINDHOVEN, Niederlande (18 Januar 2013)
Die niederländischen Pharma Pioniere LiGalli (ein neugegründetes Unternehmen, dass von seinem Gründer Dr. Willem de Laat geleitet wird) und Medimetrics B.V. gaben heute bekannt, dass beide Unternehmen zusammenarbeiten werden, um erstmals patientenspezifische, therapeutische und diagnostische Produkte für die Frauenheilkunde zu entwickeln.


It may soon be possible to tailor and time a dosage to suit a woman optimally – heralding a significant step forward in the field of personalised medicine. 
The agreement contains two exclusive licenses to use technology from the Medimetrics IntelliCap© electronic drug delivery and patient monitoring patent portfolio. LiGalli, based in The Hague, will provide its in-depth experience in pharmaceutical and gynaecological products.  Medimetrics, based in Eindhoven, has already made a global impact with its innovative electronic drug delivery system, IntelliCap ©.  It will be responsible for the development and production of IntelliCap- based medical drug delivery and monitoring devices. 
As LiGalli‘s Dr. Willem de Laat explained: “This is a significant, but also a logical, step forward in the move towards personalised medicine, improving the diagnostic and therapeutic tools available to patients.
“Having access to this ground-breaking technology opens the door to developing individualized therapies which for the first time could meet a woman’s specific needs.  It then becomes possible to perform continuous diagnosis monitoring or time exactly when a therapy was delivered, adapt the quantity and even interrupt the schedule, if necessary.”

And Dr. Olaf Weiner, the Medimetrics CEO, added:  “The new collaboration adds an exciting dimension within the area of women’s health, creating new and improved therapeutic opportunities for patients.
“More and more companies are recognising the potential of our IntelliCap technology, seeking to capitalise on its diagnostic and drug delivery functionalities.  It is already widely used by the pharmaceutical industry to rationalize and speed up the development of modified release formulations and dosage forms.  By tailoring drug delivery in this way, it is also possible for patients to take their medication less frequently without compromising on efficacy.”
About Medimetrics B.V.
Medimetrics was originally formed by Philips in 2008 to develop IntelliCap©.  The expanding market has seen the emergence of Medimetrics Personalized Drug Delivery B.V. as a fully- fledged biotech company in its own right.  Medimetrics, in which Philips has a minority interest, also has substantial investment from the Germany-based Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn GmbH & Co KG, which identifies and supports innovative brand leaders of the future.

This pioneering company is emerging as a global leader in electronic oral drug delivery devices, providing its IntelliCap- based services and technology to some of the world’s largest pharma and technology customers. Medimetrics has its headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany, with research labs, service centres and administrative offices in both Europe (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) and the USA (Briarcliff Manor, New York).  For further information, visit www.medimetrics.com

About Willem de Laat, MD, PhD, MBA; and founder of newly formed LiGalli
Dr. de Laat originally trained as a gynecologist. He was the former chief medical officer of Organon N.V. and is currently managing director of Top Institute Pharma, The Netherlands.  This pioneering company acts as a catalyst within the field of medical development, establishing partnerships between academia and industry and taking a lead in managing research programmes.  While at Organon, he led the successful development and launch of several important products in the area of women’s health, including one of the world’s most modern contraceptive pills and infertility products.