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SCHWARZER GmbH, Heilbronn Germany and CARDIOTEK B.V. Maastricht, The Netherlands announces that the two companies will merge under the new brand of Schwarzer Cardiotek

NICE, FRANCE – June 18, 2014 – Schwarzer Cardiotek today announced that it has completed the integration of the two companies. For the first time the company will showcase the combined portfolio of the merged entity and will be introducing its new corporate identity at Cardiostim. 


“Both Schwarzer and Cardiotek have always utilized a comprehensive approach of creative thinking and expert collaboration to develop breakthrough innovations that improve clinician workflows. We are excited to launch one strong brand that reflects our core values and desire to provide the highest level of innovation to our customers.” stated Frank-P. Klein, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Schwarzer.


Given its strong loyalty in the electrophysiology market, the EP-Tracer system will be highlighted at Cardiostim. “Throughout the majority of my career and for thousands of ablations, I have used the EP-Tracer system as my primary EP recording system. The system offers superior signal quality in a compact, single-user system,” commented Dr. Josep Brugada M.D. Ph.D., Electrophysiologist and Medical Director at the University of Hospital Clinic Barcelona in Spain.


The integration of the two companies creates synergies and new product offerings. An example is the evoduo system. By combining Cardiotek’s EP-Tracer system with Schwarzer’s evo system the integrated company is leveraging its innovative and proven technologies to create a powerful offering in the evoduo product. “The evoduo system is an important product for Schwarzer Cardiotek. It realizes the technology integration of Schwarzer’s hemodynamic expertise with Cardiotek’s competency in EP recorder and stimulator systems,” continued  Mr. Klein.


Schwarzer Cardiotek's new corporate brand identity and thethe EP-Tracer product line will be on display at booth A29 at the Cardiostim meeting.


About Schwarzer Cardiotek


Schwarzer, the parent company of Cardiotek B.V., is a privately held medical device company focused on electrophysiologic (EP) and hemodynamic measurement and recording systems. The company has a 60-year history in developing and manufacturing polygraphic recording systems. Schwarzer Cardiotek utilizes a comprehensive approach of creative thinking and collaboration with leading physicians and researchers around the world to continuously enhance its products and stay on the forefront of technological innovation. For more information please visit http://www.schwarzer.net.


Combined Product Portfolio


The EP-Tracer system is an electrophysiology measurement system used to acquire, filter, digitize, amplify, display, and record signals obtained during electrophysiological studies and related procedures. The compact, easy-to-use recording system provides superior signal strength with a built-in dual channel programmable stimulator for electrophysiology (EP) studies. The EP-Tracer system is CE Marked and commercially available in Europe, Central and South America, Asia Pacific and Middle East region with approximately 1,000 systems installed worldwide. The EP-Tracer system received FDA 510(k) clearance in March 2014. 


The evo system is a hemodynamic monitoring system that captures such measurements and calculations as invasive blood pressure IBP, cardiac output and other vital parameters. It's fully integrated with a documentation and reporting system and interfaces with all major X-ray vendors. The system offers dual computing, e.g., patient’s signals are recorded simultaneously on two separate computers, guaranteeing high reliability and failure safety. The evo system is currently available in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific region with an installation base of over 1,000. 


The evoduo system combines the EP-Tracer and the evo systems into one.  It features a simplified user interface and an unparalleled level of flexibility and mobility that drives efficiencies in the EP Lab. It is presently being commercialized in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific region.



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