Cipherpoint: exclusive Partnership with Global InnovationCompany NTT DATA Deutschland

Published On: November 6th, 2020

The Australian IT-Security-Company has just announced its exclusive cooperation with market leader NTT DATA in the German-speaking world. Cipherpoint settled in Heilbronn last year through the mediation of Move2Grow.

Cooperation and Technology

The Partnership will focus on delivering independent encryption for SharePoint on-prem. Using this solution, of which NTT DATA is the only IT service provider in the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region to offer, organisations can continue to effectively secure their SharePoint platforms without reliance upon providers outside Europe. Effective encryption of sensitive company data is currently only possible for SharePoint online, as Microsoft has discontinued the support of encrypting data for on-prem deployments of SharePoint. As a result, users of the collaboration platform are faced with the dilemma: abandon on-prem use of SharePoint and move to SharePoint Online, where data may be subject to access by US Authorities, thus compromising European data protection regulations. With its unique encryption and dataprotection technology in combination with security services from NTT DATA, companies in Europe will be able to identify, classify and protect sensitive data, independently of third party vendors.

Way to Heilbronn

As part of internationalisation in Europe, Cipherpoint settled in Heilbronn in 2019 through the mediation of Move2Grow. „We wanted a business located in Germany that would provide us access to the German Mittelstand. We had heard of that Heilbronn was one of the fastest growing cities in Germany and understood there was a lot of investment being deployed in the area to diversify the types of businesses here. Our partner, dataglobal GmbH is also located in Heilbronn and it seemed suitable to be located close-by. ZFHN and the assistance offered was a big factor, especially following our first meeting“, Cipherpoint-CFO and Germany-CEO Steven Bliim said.

About Cipherpoint

Cipherpoint provides solutions that help businesses and governments identify, protect, and control access to sensitive informations. Cipherpoint solutions restrict access to sensitive content to IT administrators and makes it difficult to steal or misuse information, rather than protecting the devices that store information. With offices and customers in Australia, Europe and the US, organizations around the world rely on Cipherpoint products to protect their most sensitive data.