COVID-19: LightnTec-Software recognizes customers without a mask!

Published On: November 13th, 2020

TV-Clip on Baden TV

Until now, LightnTec, a portfolio company of BORN2GROW, was best known for its flexible LED-foils. Now it has the motionTec.sens system on the market, which recognizes the number of people and their distance from each other. Even if they wear a mouth-nose protection, the software determines.
“Baden TV” actually broadcast a TV-clip about LightnTec (only in German available).

The USP is the use of standard cameras with accuracy of 99% and response time of 1 second: if a room is full, the system sets in motion protection mechanisms: one-way street controls, changed paths or closing of entrances by APIs. motionTec.sens complies with the GDPR standards. If people are detected f.e. without mouth-nose protection, only an impulse is created – for example, for a warning to the store manager or security. The system’s customers include retail, schools, universities and companies. The system can also be used outdoors, at markets or in stadiums.

Founded in 2016, LightnTec is well known for ledTec.flex LED-foils that are bendable, rollable and can be cut to any shape. Videos can be played on these so-called LED-wallpapers – and they can be controlled by sensors. Since March, the system has been extended to include “access control”, “compliance with safe distancing” and “detection of mouth-nose protection”.

BORN2GROW has invested in LightnTec in 2017.