Project Description

Markus Götz
 Senior Start-Up & Technologie Scout

After obtaining his diploma in Technical Biology and a postgraduate detour in aerospace engineering and marine biotechnology at Stuttgart University, Markus Götz found his vocation in providing guidance to SMEs and startups in the fields of innovation, technology and business development. Within 15 years of public economy support he consulted hundreds of companies and acquired considerable experience in this field. As head of the “Innovation, technology transfer and digitization” department he continuously expanded the service portfolio of the Stuttgart Region Chamber of Industry and Commerce over the last 7 years to assist SMEs dealing with the large transformation processes they are confronted with. He embodies our main link to the ‘Mittelstand’ in our region and beyond. Together with Sebastian, as ZFHN’s startup- & tech scouts, he will drive the sourcing & partnering of (inter-)national startups through the development of a network of regional hidden champions, research institutes, and incentives.