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Resuscitec GmbH is a young medical technology company based in Freiburg; its main focus is on the development and marketing of an innovative system for the reanimation of patients who have suffered cardiac arrest. The system is based on a therapy developed by [...]



SmartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH develops and produces reliable, accurate, and economical infrared absorption sensors (NDIR) for the detection of gases in a very wide range of application areas. The product range includes sensors for gas analysis, process measurement technology and indoor air-quality monitoring, gas [...]

Günter Steffen


Günter Steffen Fund Manager Günter Steffen has founded almost 50 companies, including IT service provider tele-daten-service GmbH (TDS). In 2000, he became a member of the supervisory board of TDS. From 1998 to 2005, Günter was president of the Heilbronn–Franken Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he was subsequently appointed honorary president in 2006. In [...]

Thomas R. Villinger


Thomas R. Villinger CEO Thomas R. Villinger has more than 25 years of experience in the venture capital sector. Before he became Co-Founder and CEO of ZFHN Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn in 2006, he held numerous management positions both in Germany and abroad. His work focused on M&A and VC/PE financing for high-growth companies in Europe, the [...]

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