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Eleva GmbH


Eleva is a biopharmaceutical company. The company based in Freiburg leverages its unique moss-based production platform to produce supreme biologics like antibodies, replacement enzymes, or fusion toxins. Eleva has successfully developed drug candidates into clinical phases and continues to scout for promising compounds. [...]



seleon develops individual solutions for complex devices in medical technology in collaborative partnership with clients throughout the world. The experienced team is made up of physicists, engineers, computer scientists, process engineers and many other specialists. seleon has dedicated itself to medical technology since 1998 – [...]



Inspekto is a German AI-startup with Israeli DNA. Inspekto will reshape the machine vision sector, introducing the first powerful entries into the new Autonomous Machine Category. The digital factory becomes reality – thanks to a completely new method of image-supported quality control – based [...]



Resuscitec GmbH is a young medical technology company based in Freiburg; its main focus is on the development and marketing of an innovative system for the reanimation of patients who have suffered cardiac arrest. The system is based on a therapy developed by [...]



SmartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH develops and produces reliable, accurate, and economical infrared absorption sensors (NDIR) for the detection of gases in a very wide range of application areas. The product range includes sensors for gas analysis, process measurement technology and indoor air-quality monitoring, gas [...]

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