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Compositence provides an innovative technology for the fully automated, scalable and cost-effective serial production of fiber composite components, with a maximum of flexibility in the fiber architecture. These components feature outstanding material properties combined with a low weight. Compositence has developed a fully automated process [...]



IoLiTec produces and distributes ionic liquids and nano-materials for use in the area of sustainable technologies. IoLiTec GmbH is a dynamic, innovative and goal-oriented company whose core technology represents an innovative class of materials, the so-called “ionic liquids,” which are also frequently called “designer solvents.” [...]



Inspekto is a German AI-startup with Israeli DNA. Inspekto will reshape the machine vision sector, introducing the first powerful entries into the new Autonomous Machine Category. The digital factory becomes reality – thanks to a completely new method of image-supported quality control – based [...]



SmartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH develops and produces reliable, accurate, and economical infrared absorption sensors (NDIR) for the detection of gases in a very wide range of application areas. The product range includes sensors for gas analysis, process measurement technology and indoor air-quality monitoring, gas [...]

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