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Günter Steffen


Günter Steffen Fund Manager Günter Steffen has founded almost 50 companies, including IT service provider tele-daten-service GmbH (TDS). In 2000, he became a member of the supervisory board of TDS. From 1998 to 2005, Günter was president of the Heilbronn–Franken Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he was subsequently appointed honorary president in 2006. In [...]

Thomas R. Villinger


Thomas R. Villinger CEO Thomas R. Villinger has more than 25 years of experience in the venture capital sector. Before he became Co-Founder and CEO of ZFHN Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn in 2006, he held numerous management positions both in Germany and abroad. His work focused on M&A and VC/PE financing for high-growth companies in Europe, the [...]

Jan Ludwig


Jan Ludwig Investment Manager Jan studied Finance in Gießen (B.Sc.) and in Regensburg (M.Sc.). He also completed an MBA program at Murray State University, KY, USA. He worked at Commerzbank AG as a corporate client advisor before joining Born2Grow. Jan Ludwig joined Born2Grow in January 2022 as a junior investment manager responsible for the acquisition [...]

Tanja Gänssler


Tanja Gänssler Teamassistenz Tanja Gänssler has been working for ZFHN since December 2021. Before Tanja Gänssler joined the company, she worked as an assistant in various companies. At ZFHN, she is responsible for office management. Her tasks also include insurance management, fleet management, as well as reception and coordination of appointments.

Markus Götz


Markus Götz  Senior Start-Up & Technologie Scout After obtaining his diploma in Technical Biology and a postgraduate detour in aerospace engineering and marine biotechnology at Stuttgart University, Markus Götz found his vocation in providing guidance to SMEs and startups in the fields of innovation, technology and business development. Within 15 years of public economy support [...]

Olga Hörner


Olga Hörner Teamassistenz Olga Hörner has been employed at ZFHN since January 2022. As team assistant, she is responsible for the entire office management and reception. Her tasks include event and travel management, appointment coordination, international and national day-to-day business, and accounting support. Before Olga Hörner joined ZFHN, she worked as an executive assistant and [...]

Alexander Hofer


Alexander Hofer Investment Director, Authorized Officer Alexander Hofer studied business administration at the University of Stuttgart and the University of Mannheim. He joined ZFHN as an Investment Manager at the start of 2008. Before arriving at the company, Alexander worked for various firms in Germany and abroad – predominantly in the field of corporate finance. [...]

Andrea Muth


Andrea Muth Investment Manager Andrea is responsible for investment acquisition in the field of life sciences and sustainability. Andrea previously worked for several years in the department of venture development and venture controlling. Prior to her time at the BORN2GROW/ ZFHN she worked as a scientific researcher and lecturer in the field of strategy and [...]

Manuel Böhringer


Manuel Böhringer Investment Manager Manuel Böhringer acquired his knowledge of the theoretical principles of corporate financing during his banking studies at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Stuttgart. During the internships he completed as part of his studies, Manuel had the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge he had acquired in controlling, treasury [...]

Sebastian Pyzalski


Sebastian Pyzalski Startup- & Tech Scout Driven by his passion for tech & innovation, Sebastian Pyzalski provided guidance to high-growth U.S. & German tech startups that are scaling and expanding into the European market and vice versa. Besides, he worked for a startup incubator as well as for a startup in the Urban Air Mobility [...]

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