Startup Qualification Program “4C Accelerator Tübingen”

Published On: February 24th, 2021

Register for the free “4C Accelerator Tübingen” of the Foundation for Medical Innovations, Medical Innovations GmbH and the University of Tübingen! This qualification program for people interested in founding a company and startups is funded by the “Start-Up BW” campaign of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics.

Included is the business model development up to “Investor Readiness” by elaborating the specific needs of the Life Science and Health Care sector with individual intensive support from medical experts in the 4C’s:

C1-Commercialization: planning sales in the health care sector (including reimbursement by health insurance companies)
C2-Certification: Approve product and company
C3-Clinical Studies: Prove evidence of the product
C4-Copyright: Use data/protection rights strategically

Survival of life science startups is particularly challenging compared to other industries due to the timeframe and capital required to reach market. This is particularly due to the following 4C’s.

C1: Commercialization – Many stakeholders (for example, patients, physicians, medical associations, nursing homes) and market peculiarities (for example, self-pay patients, complex reimbursement rules of health insurance companies) make market access and revenue generation difficult.
C2: Certification – The establishment of a quality management system and the preparation of technical documentation for CE approval are usually the basic prerequisites for successful market entry.
C3: Clinical Studies – Evidence of clinical evidence or safety and performance of the product is essential and also costly and time-consuming for startups.
C4: Copyright – Strategically using and maintaining patents and intellectual property rights is important for company valuation, successful negotiations with investors or licensees, and for planning exit scenarios.
This free qualification program focuses on life science specific topics and provides in-depth knowledge for individual elements of a business model in this industry. Basic entrepreneurship skills have a subordinate role, whereas this program seeks to answer the following questions, among others:

– Am I actually developing a medical device and if so, what do I use to determine this?
– Which norms and standards do I have to consider?
– Do I know what company certification and product approval have in common?
product approval?
– What reimbursement possibilities does my product have in the healthcare system?
– Is it worthwhile for my product to be reimbursed by health insurance companies?
– Is my product attractive for the self-payer market?

– Free participation: The program is sponsored by the Ministry of Economics of Baden- Württemberg.
– High-caliber experts: The program works with high quality experts who add significant value to the participating teams. These experts hold senior positions in the industry, are proven industry experts and entrepreneurs, ensuring the appropriate experience and quality for the consulting offered here.
– Individual Feedback & Training: Over 14 days, the experts will provide the 4C’s with customized sessions to address each team’s unique needs.
– Continuous Project Management: For the period of 1 year we will support you in planning out the work packages resulting from the 14 days of feedback & training. The progress will be aligned in regular project review meetings and the necessary actions will be derived.

Who can participate?
The program is open to all students, graduates, professionals, founding teams and innovators from the life sciences and health care sectors, including physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians and researchers, who want to implement their business idea within the following areas:
o Medical Devices (apparatus, instruments, machines, implants)
o Therapeutics (drugs, active ingredients)
o Diagnostics (laboratory tests, laboratory procedures)
o Digital Health (data, analysis, software, monitoring)
The courses will be held in English. Individuals and teams can apply by 05.03.21 at this link on Eventbrite.

What is the objective?
Participants will be able to overview the Life Science specific startup issues and thereby plan ahead. The early strategic consideration of the possible complications in the life science sector, creates the prerequisite to achieve the necessary maturity in the shortest possible time and to convince investors of themselves. Corresponding hurdles to shorten the time-to-market are identified and considered in an individual project plan.
Accordingly, by the end of this course, participants will be familiar with the reimbursement opportunities in the healthcare market. They will know how quality management systems and processes become a strategic concept and effectively lead them to market approval of their product. Participants will be able to decide if and what type of clinical trials they need and how best to implement them. At the end of the program, they will know how to deal with data protection requirements and how to, tactically, protect or commercialize their product idea.

When does it take place? (14 days of training & feedback)
– Format: Online video conference
– Date: 02.04.21 to 02.07.21 (Fridays and 2 Saturdays)
– Time: 09:00-18:00 hrs.
– Total hours: 112 hrs.
– 4 days on C1-Commercialization
– 4 days of C2-Certification
– 2 days of C3-Clinical Studies
– 2 days on C4-Copyright
– 1 day on international health care markets
– 1 day workshop with a public health insurance company

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